Our role in developing the circular economy

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resource futures role in developing the circular economy

Sustainable consumption

We develop and deliver innovative community engagement and education services to change consumer behaviour.

Our role in developing the circular economy

  • Sustainable consumption

    Sustainable consumption

    We develop and deliver innovative community engagement and education services to change consumer behaviour.

  • Post-consumption


    We provide services to increase the uptake of re-use and recycling.

  • Re-processing


    We analyse the recycled materials market using primary data and industry intelligence, focusing on materials availability and quality for re-entry to the supply chain.

  • Sustainable production

    Sustainable production

    We advise on the use of recycled materials, including material sources and values, and assess the life cycle of products.

About us

Our mission is at the heart of everything we do: to help others to use resources efficiently and effectively, minimising the impact of consumption on the environment now and for the future. Since 1985 we have been working with public, private and third sector organisations to instigate positive change, and we are committed to using our skills, expertise and experience in the drive to develop a circular economy.
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Some of our clients

Our people

These are our people, who work to realise our vision: a circular economy in which resources are used and re-used efficiently and effectively, minimising the impact of consumption and production on the environment.

Sam Reeve

Chief Executive Officer

Sam's career in waste started as a waste composition site manager. This hands on and sometimes fragrant initiation into waste and secondary resources installed his ethos that sustainable resource efficiency practices have to be based on robust data, insightful analysis and supported by innovative engagement, education and communications.

He was voted number 20 in the Resource magazine Hot100 in 2016 reflecting his growing profile in the sector over the past few years. He has worked with national, regional and local Government across the UK, private sector companies as well as numerous third sector organisations putting the theory of sustainable resource efficiency and the circular economy in to practice. His expertise lies in strategic partnership development and research design in order to achieve improvements in how clients engage with their supply chain and customers, deliver services and manage resources.

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Jane Stephenson

Business Development Director

Jane has been responsible for developing and leading on a range of initiatives including waste reduction strategies and plans; local authority-wide community engagement campaigns and cross sector partnership. As part of her Business Development Director role she is a Non-executive Director of Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC the organisation that will take forward the legacy from Bristol’s tenure of European Green Capital in 2015. Jane is one of a small group within the industry calling for an increased focus on waste prevention and re-use and the collection of high quality recycled materials: essential ingredients in the progression towards a circular economy. Her work includes the direction of:

  • Community engagement work including the Community Action Groups (CAG) Project in Oxfordshire
  • Development of a tool to measure the impact of community action on waste and carbon (current)
  • Education work in Devon, Brighton and Hove and Bath and NE Somerset
  • Research into methods of reducing food waste in schools (WRAP 2010)

Jane has also contributed to the following toolkits and best practice guidance:

  • Communications guidance for local authorities on schools recycling collections (WRAP 2009)
  • Review of best practice for PFI and waste partnerships on communications issues for (WRAP 2009)
  • Best practice guidance on working in Low Participation Areas (WRAP 2007/08)
  • Enabling Community Waste Initiatives Project (guidance on setting up local community waste networks (Defra 2004)
  • Community Waste Action Toolkit (for setting up local action groups working on waste (Defra 2001)
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Bethan Thomas

Head of Engagement and Communications

Bethan has over 13 years’ communications and marketing experience which has included encouraging broad behaviour change around waste and resource use. Since joining Resource Futures in 2015, Bethan has led communications projects with Zero Waste Scotland, WRAP and various local authorities. As the lead for the engagement side of the business, she provides strategic support to many projects across the communications, education and community engagement areas of our business. Bethan also manages the marketing and communications for Resource Futures. Her expertise includes:

  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Management – paid and organic
  • Communications training
  • Content creation
  • Crisis communications
  • Event management
  • Internal communications and change management
  • Data analysis for use in communications
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Emma Burlow

Head of Resource Efficiency

Emma manages the Evidence and Insight areas of our business including core areas of waste composition analysis, service optimisation, waste prevention, reuse and the circular economy. Emma oversees key projects including Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Framework and the WRAP Cymru Collaborative Change Programme. Prior to joining Resource Futures, Emma worked on the WRAP REBus project and worked closely with over 30 companies including Argos, Beko, DHL, Ikea, Oxfam and Sky plus innovative SMEs such as Globechain, Greenstream and Po-Zu. Emma uses this practical understanding of commercial decision making to bring insight and strategic direction to projects. 

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David Lerpiniere

Principal Consultant

David has supported numerous local authorities in the development of waste services and infrastructure, both in the UK and internationally. He has a proven track record in delivering complex challenges within tight timeframes. His areas of technical expertise include:

  • Waste and recycling service review
  • Waste, recycling and street cleansing contract procurement
  • Waste service business case development
  • Waste treatment technologies, including AD and EfW
  • Market assessment and feasibility studies
  • Climate change policy and greenhouse gas mitigation actions
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Environmental strategy and policy development 
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Bernie Thomas

Principal Consultant

Bernie is a PRINCE2 project manager who has led the development of a range of monitoring and assessment tools including a local authority waste prevention business case tool, a community impacts monitoring tool and presently helps manage the government’s edoc waste transfer platform. 

Bernie joined Resource Futures from ERM where he was project manager for WRAP’s portfolio foot-printing tool for monitoring and evaluating the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan. He is experienced at defining and appraising development options covering system costs and carbon. He also has a regulatory background within the Waste Policy team at the Environment Agency

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Laura Snoulton

Senior Consultant

Laura has technical expertise in conducting comprehensive waste and recycling collection service efficiency reviews and options appraisals, including for kerbside waste and recycling collection services, HWRCs and local community recycling (bring) sites. Using her knowledge, coupled with her operational command of waste collection vehicles and plant, she has conducted round optimisation reviews and has introduced new kerbside recycling collection services and alternate weekly collections of residual waste, as well as successfully implementing waste and recycling day changes for residents, to enable service efficiencies to be realised.

Her fields of expertise include:

  • Options appraisals
  • Technical and operational knowledge
  • Logistics & route planning
  • Technical expertise & support to enable the assessment of various waste management policies and systems
  • Technical and operational support for service changes
  • Waste communications
  • Project management
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Allan Sandilands

Senior Consultant, Resource Efficiency

Allan’s previous roles have ranged from small scale one-off work projects to sector-wide initiatives spanning years, across different sectors and types of construction including new build construction, building operation in use, refurbishment and demolition.

This broad experience base has given him a good insight into what are the drivers for sustainable thinking, the economic opportunities and practicalities and how best to communicate these messages to diverse audiences. His expertise includes:

  • Strategy development
  • Auditing, feasibility studies and technical reviews
  • Sector engagement initiatives
  • Partnership working
  • Direct work with supply chains / businesses
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Agnes Chruszcz

Senior Consultant

She has over five years’ experience in delivering and designing primary data gathering, behaviour change projects and campaign evaluation. She has also managed multiple canvassing and public engagement projects; often supporting service change. She has a sound knowledge of project design, as well as research and evaluation methodologies. Her interests include food waste, operations and behaviour change, as well as monitoring and evaluation methodologies. Her particular areas of expertise include waste compositional analysis, attitudinal surveys, participation monitoring and data management and analysis. She has also delivered canvassing, roadshows and community engagement projects. She has managed projects for a range of local authorities, WRAP and waste management companies in:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research design
  • Primary data gathering: waste analysis, participation monitoring, attitudinal surveys, tonnage monitoring
  • Data management and analysis
  • Behaviour change: canvassing, roadshows, community engagement
  • Service change support
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Emma Clarke

Senior Consultant

She specialised in radioactive waste management for five years at Defra and as a consultant before turning to household waste, recycling and re-use. For nearly 12 years, Emma has provided high quality research and consultancy outputs to a range of clients. She is a convivial, experienced and capable consultant able to deliver high quality reports within budget and on time. Emma is a capable contracts manager responsible for projects such as HWRC, bring site and bulky waste reviews and options appraisals, re-use plans and good practice guidance. Emma’s projects often include both operational and communications elements requiring partnership working with other members of the Resource Futures team. Emma undertakes qualitative and quantitative research to develop baselines upon which she can construct recommendations, strategies and action plans.

  • Reviewing HWRC and bring site networks and Bulky Waste Collections
  • Engaging with the third sector and developing re-use plans
  • Options appraisals
  • Primary data-gathering
  • HWRC and bulky waste good practice
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Will French

Senior Consultant

Will has developed strong skills in data collection, analysis and interpretation. His particular areas of interest include the modelling of kerbside collection services and undertaking full options appraisals to identify cost savings and improve overall recycling performance. He is an experienced project manager having overseen numerous primary data gathering and analysis projects. A strong believer in providing bespoke support, he works closely with a range of stakeholders to understand the needs of the client and their organisation to provide meaningful recommendations.

  • Collections modelling and appraisal
  • Economic appraisal
  • Data analysis
  • Primary data gathering
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Behaviour change
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Sheila Gundry

Education Manager

Sheila has a strong track record in strategic planning, managing and delivering good quality projects, and disseminating best practice through networks, events and educational resources.

  • Management of education contracts to time, cost and quality
  • Delivery of training and workshops
  • Managing resource development, including physical education resources and e-resources
  • Supporting and inspiring young people to take action on the issues that affect them
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Co-ordinating events and other educational activities

Prior to Resource Futures, Sheila was the Education Manager for five years for Envolve Partnerships for Sustainability where she developed and implemented the education strategy and managed both staff and volunteers. She delivered a range of environmental events, conferences, teacher training sessions and developed a teachers’ pack which was sold nationally. Sheila worked for seven years at Malham Tarn Field Centre, delivering environmental education activities to children of all ages and abilities. Qualifications

  • BSc Geography, Sheffield University
  • MSc Rural and Regional Resource Planning, Aberdeen University
  • PGCE Geography and Outdoor Activities (secondary), Leeds University
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Martin Pearse

Project Manager

Martin has previously helped to develop and manage long-term projects including schools education, real nappies, community composting, Community Action Groups and recycling in flats. His areas of expertise include project management, community engagement and establishing community groups ‘from scratch’, as well as advising on development issues. Prior to Resource Futures, Martin worked as a qualified teacher and a community development officer for two local authorities – the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and West Wiltshire - and spent 16 years with the YMCA, developing community projects, including two in sustainable waste management.

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Ed Cook

Senior Consultant

Ed has worked on a wide range of projects for Resource Futures. In the events sector he has developed training and support packages for a number of clients, enabling them to improve their environmental reporting and develop cost effective strategies to reduce environmental impacts. He also recently lead a project for Bristol 2015 to develop a city-wide strategy for improving event sustainability as part of the city’s tenure as the European Green Capital. Ed worked as a technical advisor on the Waste Scoping Strategy for the London 2012 Olympic Games and also on the Olympic Legacy Report for Waste. He is an experienced project manager, and is currently leading a project to provide materials marketing support to Welsh local authorities; helping them to develop sustainable relationships with buyers of recyclate which return the best outcome for both parties. Ed’s strong history of managing waste operations which has lead to his participation in a number of project modules across the business including an investigation into the feasibility of installing compaction equipment, spatial analysis of HWRC provision, developing re-use systems at HRWCs and contract reviews.

  • Materials marketing support
  • Economic options appraisal
  • Events sustainability planning, training and support
  • Waste processing technology
  • Primary data gathering
  • Waste transportation and logistics
  • Environmental regulation
  • Health and safety
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Sarah Hargreaves

Communications Consultant

Sarah’s career started in software engineering, and the production of graphical software interfaces in the private sector. Moving to Botswana she ran an independent consultancy offering creative messaging solutions to third sector organisations and Government departments. Since returning to the UK Sarah has worked in the public sector in a Waste Communications role. This broad experience base has given her good insight into communicating messages to diverse audiences and a broad understanding of local and international community needs. Her expertise includes:

  • Creative communications
  • Graphical data interpretation
  • Managing communication around change
  • Data analysis for use in communications
  • Social Media content development and analysis
  • Copywriting and producing content
  • Event management
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Peter Wills


Peter specialises in primary data gathering studies and behavioural change projects. His particular areas of interest are waste and recycling composition analysis; public engagement in recycling services, behavioural change and developments in reuse opportunities. He is involved in the delivery of projects designed to deliver representative data on the composition of a range of waste streams. He has also worked on combining national datasets of local authority reported waste arisings. 

He has a broad operational experience and understands the logistical needs of the fieldwork based work that Resource Futures conducts. He often manages waste composition analysis contracts and has managed large teams conducting participation monitoring and canvassing fieldwork. Peter has worked for Resource Futures for six years. In that time he has developed a strong background in the operational and logistical aspects of data gathering and analysis.  With a pragmatic approach and eye for detail, Peter tackles the complexities of waste composition studies head on whilst taking into account the intricacies of each local authority and thier requirements.  He has managed a number of waste analysis contracts, helping clients to gain valuable insight into their waste arisings by providing primary data as well as recommendations on ways in which to increase recycling rates and reduce contamination.

Peter has worked on several projects for DEFRA, combining local authority reported waste arising figures from composition analysis and WasteDataFlow and was responsible for rationalising large data sets. Working with WRAP, Peter was involved in a large project to investigate the viability of collecting materials from businesse working with six different organisations to gather regular quantitative and qualitative data. In 2012, Peter worked with London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) to work on the legacy reporting on sustainable practices for events waste management.

Peter is experienced in:

  • canvassing, monitoring and engagement
  • training and coordinating large teams to deliver good practice guidance and advice to residents
  • developing new, innovative electronic data collection systems
  • fieldwork based work
  • waste composition analysis contracts  
  • managing large teams conducting participation monitoring and canvassing fieldwork
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Coralline Dundon


Coralline has worked within the waste management industry for the last seven years, gaining a wide range of experience of desk-based studies, fieldwork and data analysis. She has industry knowledge, combined with technical and problem-solving skills. Her initiative and adaptability allow her to deliver bespoke work to satisfy the needs of the client. Coralline has experience of carrying out complex data analysis and statistical waste sampling from project managing numerous waste composition analyses, participation monitoring and canvassing contracts. She has a strong operational background, ample fieldwork experience and is also involved in behavioural change projects and environmental management. Coralline also has experience of contract monitoring and of the challenges faced by both local authorities and waste management companies in planning and implementing new waste strategies. Coralline speaks French and Spanish, is a Chartered Waste Manager through the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) and is a Practitioner member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Coralline has also carried out research for Defra on the market potential and demand for textile re-use and for WRAP examining the collection options for non-clothing textiles. Coralline also has an interest in food waste, and recently completed an MSc Integrated Environmental Management supported by DEFRA and CIWM with her final thesis entitled The impact of wider household waste service provision on food waste arisings, composition and recycling barriers in the West of England.

  • Desk-based and field research
  • Canvassing, participation monitoring and surveying
  • Waste composition analysis and waste audits
  • Community engagement and service change support
  • ISO 14001 and environmental management
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Stuart Woodham


Stuart has over 16 years’ experience gained in a wide range of environmental projects and across an extensive range of economic sectors, working with and for large and small private organisations, NGOs and government. For example, he has worked extensively with hotels to help them reduce their water energy and waste footprints and with regulators to help produce guidance for operators to comply with new environmental legislation as well as auditing company operations and plans against environmental best practice. His research projects, auditing and practical guidance development have covered the themes of:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Environmental auditing
  • Public environmental policy
  • Environmental legal compliance and liability
  • Carbon foot printing (with a particular emphasis on embodied carbon)
  • Cost-benefit/cost-effectiveness analysis
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Sally Scholefield


Sally demonstrates high levels of creativity, has excellent design skills and is a competent copy writer. An enthusiastic and experienced project manager, who develops and delivers communications projects to deadline and to budget, she has worked on communications campaigns for WRAP (including Love Food Hate Waste and Recycle Now), for local authorities, waste management companies, community organisations and schools. Her areas of specialism are:

  • Project management of communications campaigns
  • Design and production of communications materials
  • Developing teaching and learning resources
  • Public/community engagement projects
  • Managing Doorstepping and Waste Doctor teams
  • Communications reviews
  • Design and Facilitation of focus groups
  • Real Nappy campaigns
  • Love Food Hate Waste campaigns
  • Roadshow materials and games, including Perfect Portions and Know Your Onions. For details of these, please email Sally.
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Susan Gow

Junior Consultant

Susan specialises in data gathering and analysis and behaviour change projects. She is involved in primary data gathering studies, market research, waste composition analysis and communications campaigns to improve recycling performance and participation.

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Poppy Jacobs

Junior Consultant

At Resource Futures, Poppy has built analytical experience through the development of a range of projects throughout the United Kingdom focussing on analysis of waste and recycling data for local authorities and HWRC modelling. These projects include spatial analysis and mapping for HWRC optimisation, bespoke support for users of various online data-tools and database handling and manipulation.

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Amy Hale

Junior Consultant

Through her previous role with Vegware she gained a comprehensive understanding of the waste industry and associated policy. Her particular interest with waste is one of the reasons she and some friends founded FoodCycle Bristol in 2010. This also led her to help set up the ‘Future of Waste’ platform, an online community designed to help waste innovators gain visibility and improve and scale their projects.

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Sarah Burns

Community RePaint Network Co-ordinator

Sarah has experience of working with communities in the UK, through working with the CAG Project, and overseas, through various voluntary roles. Over ten years of sustained personal voluntary experience informs her work with the community sector, allowing her to respond to group needs and give constructive guidance and support. She has written a variety of reports, project summaries and user guides; delivered workshops and feedback sessions with community groups; researched existing data on the impact of behaviour change measures and monitoring and evaluation processes; and designed a user-friendly and efficient data collection process.

  • Community engagement
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Behaviour change
  • Data collection
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Sally Jackson

Waste Education Officer

Sally is experienced in primary and secondary teaching and has worked with community groups and families. Prior to working for Resource Futures she delivered the waste education project in Devon for Global Action Plan, accumulating 10 years of local school knowledge and contacts. She is capable and confident in the classroom and has experience of facilitating large events and teacher training.

  • Delivery in schools – assemblies and workshops
  • Developing educational workshops and materials
  • Facilitating events and training days
  • Support and advice to schools making operational changes to waste contracts
  • Inspiring people to make sustainable changes in their lives

Sally became interested in environmental issues whilst living and working in the Australian rainforest. She lives a low-impact lifestyle and being a keen gardener, grows her own food. She has run gardening groups in schools and created and facilitated a woodland environmental arts/play project with schools and families. She is a ‘people person’ and loves festivals – developing and running creative workshops at events for over 12years. She is happy in a wide range of situations and her confidence and infectious enthusiasm are obvious in her work - and play!

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Alex Mack

Waste Education Officer

With over six years’ experience working on the Devon Waste Education Programme and two years of previous experience in environmental education roles, including outdoor and marine education, Alex possesses a wealth of knowledge of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Working with children of all ages and adults, Alex is competent at presenting and running workshops. She is good at inspiring others to think about changing their behaviour and is an enthusiastic and positive teacher - believing that everyone can make small changes in their lives to improve our environment. Alex has the ability to form good relationships, working in partnership with Devon local authority officers and has also run the waste education programme in the unitary councils of Torbay and Plymouth. She is skilled at creating curriculum-linked workshops and resources and has organised, managed and delivered events and teacher training - with excellent feedback.

  • Presenting and running workshops and assemblies in schools
  • Creating curriculum-linked workshops and resources
  • Organising, managing and facilitating events
  • Working in partnership with local authority officers and other companies
  • Inspiring others to make changes to their behaviour to reduce their impact on the environment
  • Education for Sustainable Development
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Demelza Annison

Sustainable Schools Officer

With several years’ experience of education across all age groups, including post-16, and having worked in a variety of settings, including primary schools and outdoor education, Demelza brings a wealth of experience to the team. She draws upon her knowledge of the curriculum and challenges faced by schools to design and deliver coherent and engaging programmes of education on waste, composting and energy issues. Demelza has led and worked on large-scale education projects including ‘Composting in Schools’, which delivered practical training, specialised composting equipment, workshops, assemblies and networking events to many schools. More recently she has developed the ‘Compost Curriculum’ – a handbook resource for schools to incorporate composting into their teaching and curriculum planning. Demelza is an enthusiastic and competent practitioner; equally at home, working as in individual, or as part of a team.

  • Delivery in schools
  • Development of educational workshops and materials
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Facilitating events
  • Encouraging young people to make choices that will have a positive impact on their futures
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Our projects

Horsham District Council door stepping recruitment and training

The client:

Horsham District Council (HDC) decided to undertake a short door stepping campaign with waste advisors to increase recycling and participation rates. HDC appointed Resource Futures to deliver the recruitment and training of the waste advisors. The project resulted in a 45% increase in recycling...

Performances in schools to promote waste service changes in Stroud

The client: Gloucestershire County Council

Delivery of assemblies in primary schools to promote waste service changes in Stroud District and motivate children to encourage their families to participate in the improved waste service at home. The show was called “Wuff Gets Waste Wise”