Our role in developing the circular economy

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resource futures role in developing the circular economy

Sustainable consumption

We develop and deliver innovative community engagement and education services to change consumer behaviour.

Our role in developing the circular economy

  • Sustainable consumption

    Sustainable consumption

    We develop and deliver innovative community engagement and education services to change consumer behaviour.

  • Post-consumption


    We provide services to increase the uptake of re-use and recycling.

  • Re-processing


    We analyse the recycled materials market using primary data and industry intelligence, focusing on materials availability and quality for re-entry to the supply chain.

  • Sustainable production

    Sustainable production

    We advise on the use of recycled materials, including material sources and values, and assess the life cycle of products.

About us

Our mission is at the heart of everything we do: to help others to use resources efficiently and effectively, minimising the impact of consumption on the environment now and for the future. Since 1985 we have been working with public, private and third sector organisations to instigate positive change, and we are committed to using our skills, expertise and experience in the drive to develop a circular economy.
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Some of our clients

Our people

These are our people, who work to realise our vision: a circular economy in which resources are used and re-used efficiently and effectively, minimising the impact of consumption and production on the environment.

Sam Reeve


Sam has over 16 years’ experience in the sustainability field working in central and local government before entering the consultancy sector.  Sam has overseen some of the biggest data gathering and analysis projects in the public sector over the past 10 years.  He has worked on developing partnership across public, private and third sector organisations to collaboratively solve operational problems and improve performance and outcomes for all partner organisations.  He was part of the drafting panel for BS1 8001: A Framework for the implementation of the principles of the Circular Economy in organisations.  He is an advocate for more transparency and better use of data across the resource and waste management value chain.  His expertise includes:

  • Circular Economy
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Waste and resource policy
  • Collaborative strategic partnership working
  • Waste Prevention policies and programmes
  • Monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and initiatives
  • Third sector working
  • Secondary material reprocessing
  • Primary evidence gathering
  • Waste Collection Appraisals
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Jane Stephenson

Business Development Director

Jane has been responsible for developing and leading on a range of initiatives including waste reduction strategies and plans; local authority-wide community engagement campaigns and cross sector partnership. As part of her Business Development Director role she is a Non-executive Director of Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC the organisation that will take forward the legacy from Bristol’s tenure of European Green Capital in 2015. Jane is one of a small group within the industry calling for an increased focus on waste prevention and re-use and the collection of high quality recycled materials: essential ingredients in the progression towards a circular economy. Her work includes the direction of:

  • Community engagement work including the Community Action Groups (CAG) Project in Oxfordshire
  • Development of a tool to measure the impact of community action on waste and carbon (current)
  • Education work in Devon, Brighton and Hove and Bath and NE Somerset
  • Research into methods of reducing food waste in schools

Jane has also contributed to the following toolkits and best practice guidance:

  • Communications guidance for local authorities on schools recycling collections (WRAP 2009)
  • Review of best practice for PFI and waste partnerships on communications issues for (WRAP 2009)
  • Best practice guidance on working in Low Participation Areas (WRAP 2007/08)
  • Enabling Community Waste Initiatives Project (guidance on setting up local community waste networks (Defra 2004)
  • Community Waste Action Toolkit (for setting up local action groups working on waste (Defra 2001)
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Bethan Thomas

Head of Engagement and Communications

Bethan has over 13 years’ communications and marketing experience which has included encouraging broad behaviour change around waste and resource use. Since joining Resource Futures in 2015, Bethan has led communications projects with Zero Waste Scotland, WRAP and various local authorities. As the lead for the engagement side of the business, she provides strategic support to many projects across the communications, education and community engagement areas of our business. Bethan also manages the marketing and communications for Resource Futures. Her expertise includes:

  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Management – paid and organic
  • Communications training
  • Content creation
  • Crisis communications
  • Event management
  • Internal communications and change management
  • Data analysis for use in communications
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David Lerpiniere

Head of Waste, Resources and Development

He has a proven track record in delivering complex challenges within tight timeframes and is a trusted and capable team leader. He has supported organisations, both in the UK and internationally, in the development of waste services and infrastructure. Recent clients include the World Bank, OECD, International Solid Waste Association, and Waste and Resources Action Programme. David is also an active researcher on the issue of waste and development and has authored a number of published studies, including a global review of development finance in the waste management sector and an assessment of markets for secondary materials. His expertise includes:

  • Waste and recycling service development
  • Procurement of waste management contracts
  • Waste service business case development
  • Assessment of waste treatment technologies
  • Market assessment and feasibility studies
  • Climate change policy and greenhouse gas mitigation actions
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Environmental strategy and policy development 
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Emma Burlow

Head of Circular Economy

Emma manages key Frameworks including the ZWS Circular Economy Framework and the WRAP Collaborative Change Programme for Resource Futures. Prior to joining Resource Futures, Emma was project manager and delivery consultant for the WRAP REBus project.  She supported both large organisations and SMEs from the electrical, clothing and textiles, furniture and retail sectors, to transition to more circular business models. Each project involved intensive market research and feasibility studies around the commercialisation of circular business models including leasing; rental; incentivised return, reuse, repair, refurbishment and remanufacturing. Emma worked with Argos, DHL, Sky and Beko as well as SMEs such as Alexandra Wood, Globechain and award winning Premier Workplace Services. In addition, Emma has worked on circular business models with a number of companies including Lego (reuse strategies), B&Q (rental of power tools), Panasonic (incentivised return of TVs) and most recently, John Lewis. This experience gives Emma a unique depth of understanding of the critical success factors for supporting businesses aiming to implement more resource efficient business models, in particular, the importance of understanding the financial viability and business case early on in the process, getting key partnerships right and understanding the marketplace. Her expertise includes:

  • Circular economy
  • Business models
  • Resource efficiency
  • Retail
  • SMEs & Corporates
  • Project management
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Bernie Thomas

Principal Consultant

Bernie has over 15 years’ experience in in consultancy, industry and government.  He is a PRINCE2 project manager focussed on compiling evidence, identifying feasibility options, developing value propositions and business cases and providing business support for pilot circular businesses and technologies.  He led the development of decision-support and impact monitoring tools and the management of the Governments’ edoc waste transfer platform.

Bernie joined Resource Futures in 2013 from ERM, where he conducted a range of product life cycle assessment (LCA) studies with manufacturers, retailers and for government organisations. He also has a regulatory background within the Waste Policy team at the Environment Agency and is experienced at appraising development and policy options in terms of system financial costs, carbon and social impacts. His expertise includes:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Data collection and modelling
  • Options appraisal and assessment of waste and recycling technologies
  • Business model development/business case
  • Life cycle carbon and LCA
  • Software and tool development
  • Project management (PRINCE2 Practitioner)
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Allan Sandilands

Principal Consultant

Allan’s past experience includes developing carbon and reduction, waste reduction and sustainability enhancement programmes, both as a public sector client and as a consultant. Allan was also responsible for the planning, management and delivery of the Construction Sector for Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) for over four years. Since joining Resource Futures in 2016, Allan has led on circular economy, waste prevention and resource efficiency projects for ZWS and the NHS and supported various third sector organisations. As the project manager for ZWS’s Circular Economy Framework, and lead for the construction sector offering within Resource Futures, he provides both strategic and direct support to many projects. He has run sector-wide engagement initiatives such as the Construction Sector “Halving Waste to Landfill” voluntary agreement to bespoke individual client projects. His expertise includes:

  • Strategy development
  • Auditing, feasibility studies and technical reviews
  • Sector engagement initiatives
  • Partnership working
  • Supply chain engagement
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Agnieszka Chruszcz

Senior Consultant

Agnes has 9 years’ experience in delivering and designing primary data gathering, behaviour change projects and campaign evaluation and has managed multiple canvassing and public engagement projects, often supporting service change. She has a sound knowledge of project design, as well as research and evaluation methodologies. Her interests include food waste, operations and behaviour change, as well as monitoring and evaluation methodologies. She has also delivered canvassing, roadshows and community engagement projects and has managed projects for a range of local authorities, WRAP and waste management companies. Agnes is an experienced contract manager capable of managing projects involving working with multiple authorities and stakeholders, as well as complex data sets and sources of information. She demonstrates attention to detail, the ability to synthesise information from varied sources, operational experience and excellent communication skills. Her expertise includes:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research design
  • Primary data gathering: waste analysis, participation monitoring, attitudinal surveys, tonnage monitoring
  • Data management and analysis
  • Behaviour change: canvassing, roadshows, community engagement
  • Service change support
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Emma Clarke

Senior Consultant

Emma has over 12 years’ experience within resource management and has led projects with Zero Waste Scotland, WRAP and various local authorities. Emma managed the reuse framework on behalf of WRAP and has drafted How-to-Guides to help increase reuse. She has also written good practice guidance for HWRCs, WEEE collections and bulky waste collections. Her expertise includes:

  • HWRC network reviews
  • Individual HWRC operational reviews
  • Bulky waste collection reviews
  • Bring site network reviews
  • Improving reuse at HWRCs and from bulky waste
  • Developing good practice guidance
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George Cole

Senior Consultant

George is an expert on the topics of waste policy and marine litter, and the emergent fields of natural capital and air quality interventions. His work focusses on data analysis and modelling to inform decision making and policy recommendations. He has produced interactive toolkits, encapsulating data analysis and exploring model options, for clients that include Natural England, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Sustrans and the Environment Agency. This work is underpinned by his background in software engineering, and ability to design easy-to-use and robust user interfaces. His expertise includes:

  • Insight from data analysis and modelling
  • Environmental, economic and social impact assessment
  • Interactive toolkits
  • Specialisms in Smart Cities, Circular Economy, Marine Litter, Natural Capital, Ecosystem Services, and Air Quality
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Laura Snoulton

Senior Consultant

Laura has over 13 years’ local authority experience which has included planning and implementing a wide range of waste collection service changes, delivering multi-million pound waste procurement contracts, implementing behaviour change projects, delivering council-wide waste communications projects, contract management and working with the voluntary and community sector to deliver waste re-use projects. Since joining Resource Futures in 2016, Laura has delivered various waste service projects with the WLGA, WRAP and a range of local authorities. Her expertise includes:

  • Project management
  • Waste data analysis and interpretation
  • Planning and implementing waste re-use projects
  • Contract management
  • Waste communications (internal and external)
  • Waste operations knowledge
  • Delivering training, and facilitating training events
  • Local authority governance
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Ed Cook

Senior Consultant

Ed has worked in the waste sector since 2002. He was originally part of the Resource Futures group of companies in his role as the Managing Director of Network Recycling where he provided sustainable cleansing and waste management services to clients in the events sector across the UK. He re-joined Resource Futures in 2014. Since then he has worked on a wide range of projects across the sector including projects for WRAP and Zero Waste Scotland. His expertise includes:

  • Waste materials processing technology
  • Materials marketing support
  • Development of local authority guidance
  • Marine litter
  • Economic options appraisal
  • Business case modelling
  • Waste management in low and middle-income countries
  • Road haulage for waste materials
  • Waste data analysis
  • Events waste management
  • Health and safety
  • Waste management planning
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Will French

Senior Consultant

Will has developed strong skills in data collection, analysis and interpretation. He is an experienced PRINCE 2 project manager having overseen numerous projects whilst at Resource Futures. A strong believer in providing bespoke support, he works closely with a range of stakeholders to understand the needs of the client and their organisation to provide meaningful recommendations. His particular areas of interest include the modelling of kerbside collection services and undertaking full options appraisals to identify cost savings and improve overall recycling performance. His expertise includes:

  • Collections modelling and appraisal
  • Waste flow modelling
  • Economic appraisal
  • Data analysis
  • Primary data gathering
  • Stakeholder engagement
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Nicola Round

Communications and Marketing Manager

Nicola has expertise in press engagement, campaign strategy, stakeholder management and facilitation with over nine years’ experience in communications for environmental, development and wildlife organisations. She has led campaigns for a more transparent and ethical fashion industry (with Labour Behind the Label) and for sustainable timber consumption (with WWF). Nicola has worked with a number of other organisations on communications and relationship management including Send a Cow, Wildscreen and Secret World Wildlife Rescue. She is also co-founder of campaigning group Adblock Bristol.

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Martin Pearse

Community RePaint Network Project Manager

Martin has experience of facilitating large community meetings, forums and focus groups, as well as mentoring and coaching individuals. His areas of expertise include project management, community engagement and establishing community groups ‘from scratch’, as well as advising on development issues. Prior to Resource Futures, Martin worked as a qualified teacher and a community development officer and spent 16 years with the YMCA, developing community projects, including two in sustainable waste management.

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Dr Kerry Lock

Community Engagement Manager

Kerry has over 20 years’ experience in the environmental conservation and sustainability sector – working within and developing strategic partnership across NGO’s, Universities and business. As a previous sustainability lecturer at Oxford University, Kerry has exceptional communication skills and an ability to disseminate complex sustainability issues to public, private sector, NGO’s and academic audiences. She has 13 years’ experience in community engagement and volunteering – including work with the Wildlife Trusts and RSPB, plus 7 years’ experience developing and directing HE learning, community learning and school education programmes, developing skills and learning strategy. Kerry also has over 15 years’ experience in environmental conservation research. Her expertise includes:

  • Community Engagement
  • Education and community learning initiatives
  • Skills and training frameworks and strategy
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • Third sector working
  • Collaborative strategic partnership working
  • Project management
  • Biodiversity and restoration ecology
  • Workshop facilitation
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Abigail Mason


Previously based in the meteorological field, Abigail has over five years’ experience in a scientific consultancy role. She has undertaken several investigations into consumer buying behaviours, using regression analysis to develop future sales forecasts and proposals for prospective clients. Working closely with the retail industry, she has designed and produced bespoke products and datasets for a number of major supermarkets and has also led several bids for winter service provision within the public sector. Abigail has recently been using the Kerbside Assessment Tool (KAT), to identify economic and environmental improvements to local authorities’ waste and recycling collection services.

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Coralline Dundon


Coralline has worked within the waste management industry for the last seven years, gaining a wide range of experience of desk-based studies, fieldwork and data analysis. She has industry knowledge, combined with technical and problem-solving skills.  Coralline has experience of carrying out complex data analysis and statistical waste sampling. She also has a strong operational background, ample fieldwork experience and is also involved in behavioural change projects and environmental management. Coralline also has experience of the challenges faced by both local authorities and waste management companies in planning and implementing new waste strategies. Coralline speaks French and Spanish, is a Chartered Waste Manager through the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) and is a Practitioner member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Coralline has also carried out research for Defra on the market potential and demand for textile re-use and for WRAP examining the collection options for non-clothing textiles. Her expertise includes:

  • Desk-based and field research
  • Canvassing, participation monitoring and surveying
  • Waste composition analysis and waste audits
  • Community engagement and service change support
  • ISO 14001 and environmental management
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Stuart Woodham


Stuart’s training in environmental science and environmental economics has proved to be valuable to clients across a broad range of topics. He is adept at rapidly gathering information across a variety of data source types for analysis, including on-site audit work utilising the people skills that this kind of work typically requires. His expertise includes:

  • Resource efficiency / Resource efficiency audits
  • Carbon foot-printing
  • Commercial waste composition and modelling
  • Reuse
  • Food waste optimisation relating to the food waste hierarchy
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Generation of statistical facts to support recycling communications campaigns
  • Electronic duty of care (edoc)
  • Environmental regulation
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Oliver Wright


Oliver has 12 years’ experience in the environment and waste management sectors, across the private, public and third sectors, on projects related to waste reduction, reuse and recycling, business and employee engagement, sustainable food and community engagement. From an academic background in Environmental Engineering, he is adept with data sets and technical projects. A confident communicator, he also has a wealth of experience creating written content as well as delivering training sessions, facilitating workshops and giving presentations. His expertise includes:

  • Waste management, reduction and reuse
  • Auditing
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Community engagement
  • Local authority and partnership work
  • Business engagement
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Sarah Hargreaves

Communications Consultant

Sarah has 15 years’ experience in communications and behaviour change across the public, third and private sectors. Since joining Resource Futures in 2016 she has managed a number of successful targeted social media campaigns and supported numerous work streams with communications support and project management. Clients include Zero Waste Scotland, Hubbub and a number of local authorities. She is also an experienced graphic designer. Her expertise includes:

  • Social media content development and strategy
  • Content creation
  • Graphic design
  • Event management
  • Internal communications
  • Data analysis
  • Communications planning
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Peter Wills


With nine years’ experience of working in the waste and recycling sector, his attention to detail and methodical and personable approach to managing contracts helps clients to effectively meet their data needs. Peter is an experienced contract manager having completed the delivery of over 20 composition analysis studies for local authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He has experience in managing stakeholders as part of large, regional and national level studies. Public sector clients include treatment facilities, reprocessors and supermarkets. He is currently the project manager for a series of quarterly composition audits of input material to a large MBT facility. He has worked conducting financial and performance modelling reviews alongside spatial assessment modelling to develop improvement measures according to best practice guidance. Recent contracts include assessing the recycling centre provision offered by four authorities in Wales and developing improvements as part of WRAP’s Collaborative Change Programme.   His expertise includes:

  • Primary data and evidence gathering: waste analysis
  • MBT input material analysis and flows
  • HWRC network reviews
  • HWRC site assessments, spatial assessment modelling, site rationalisation options modelling
  • Behavioral change, canvassing and attitudinal surveys
  • Participation monitoring
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Sally Scholefield

Communications Consultant/Designer

Sally demonstrates high levels of creativity, has excellent design skills and is a competent copy writer. An enthusiastic and experienced project manager, she has worked on communications campaigns for WRAP (including Love Food Hate Waste and Recycle Now), local authorities, waste management companies, community organisations and schools. She conducts qualitative research such as focus groups, and project-manages contracts for public, private and third sector organisations. Her expertise includes:

  • Project management of communications campaigns, on-the-ground initiatives
  • Development and production of communications materials
  • Design and copywriting
  • Developing teaching and learning resources
  • Behaviour change
  • Design and facilitation of focus groups
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Demelza Annison

Education Team Leader, Devon

A qualified teacher, Demelza is responsible for delivering workshops and assemblies and for developing new programmes related to recycling, re-use and waste reduction as well as other sustainability issues such as composting. She has considerable expertise in developing new teaching resources which have included the 'Compost Curriculum' handbook and 'World of Waste' teaching resources for KS1 and KS2 pupils.

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Sarah Burns

Community RePaint Network Co-ordinator

She has experience of working with re-use and community sector organisations, managing the needs of multiple stakeholders, problem solving and tailoring advice to specific situations, creating reports for different audiences, managing websites and social media platforms to promote activities.

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Ruth Leonard-Williams

Community Engagement Coordinator, Mid Devon

Ruth has previously worked for a number of small charities and local authorities and has 14 years’ experience managing projects which have engaged with communities, schools and businesses to encourage sustainable practices.

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Alice Hemming

Project Co-ordinator, Community Action Groups, Oxfordshire

Alice is an experienced project manager and environmental educator. She has led on a variety of community, sustainability and green space development projects, as well as environmental campaigning and education programmes at a number of national charities. 

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Siobhan Lamb

Junior Consultant

Siobhan is currently starting out in the environmental sector, but through her degree she gained a range of experience in effective communications strategies and a thorough understanding of the barriers to behavioural change. She has worked as a Green Consultant for the University of Exeter where she undertook extensive data collection and analysis to produce a Business Case Assessment for the provision of a new cycle facility. She is primarily involved in communications projects such as online surveying and ‘doorstepping’. Her expertise includes:

  • Communications techniques
  • Social media content development
  • Community engagement with diverse audiences
  • Behavioural change techniques
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David Foxley

Junior Consultant

David supports the delivery of projects throughout the company, specialising in spatial analysis and primary data gathering studies. He demonstrates a wide range of skills including data analysis, report writing and also man-management. He is trained in managing safety (NEBOSH) and has recently taken over responsibility for a number of company-wide Health & Safety procedures.

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Susan Gow

Junior Consultant

Susan has 4 years’ experience in the environmental sector which has included encouraging broad behaviour change around household waste and recycling. Since joining Resource Futures in 2016, Susan has supported research projects for various local authorities, waste management companies and WRAP. She is primarily involved in waste composition analysis and communications campaigns involving the deployment of on-the-ground teams to improve recycling performance and participation. She has also worked on reviews of HWRC service provision, including spatial analysis and mapping, bespoke support for users of various online data-tools and database handling and manipulation. Her expertise includes:

  • Data analysis of large national data sets
  • Primary data gathering: waste analysis, participation / contamination monitoring.
  • HWRC service data review
  • Market analysis and business support
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Rhiannon Colvin

Project Officer, Community Action Groups, Oxfordshire

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Leonie Constantine

Waste & Recycling Advisor, Devon

Leonie is enthusiastic about helping others to reduce the impact of consumption on the environment through long-term behavioural change. She is passionate about the state of contamination in our oceans and is very proactive in the Surfers against Sewage movement.

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Sally Jackson

Education Officer, Devon

Sally has  worked closely with schools on specific projects and has successfully supported and advised school’s finance staff regarding their waste operations. More recently she has worked closely with our Community Action Group team in Devon, promoting Love Food Hate Waste messages in the community.

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Alex Mack

Education Officer, Devon

Alex helps to create new teaching resources and workshops for the project and has recently started helping to conduct educational tours of the Energy from Waste plant in Plymouth. She has co-ordinated and managed other environmental education work including ‘Dartmoor Saves More’, run teacher training sessions and carried out contract work with schools in Torbay. 

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Yvonne Twelves

Waste & Recycling Advisor, Devon

She in enthusiastic about working with people and encouraging behavioural change which will benefit the environment.  She has previously worked within local government including time within Torbay Council’s waste and recycling team. Yvonne also has experience of working within the education sector.  

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Chloe Dumpleton

Waste & Recycling Advisor, Devon

Chloe has previously worked for Resource Futures in a number of roles including Waste Analysis Technician / Site Manager, Bristol Waste Doctor and Re-Use Officer. She has extensive experience of collecting and recording data in a wide range of participation monitoring, surveying and canvassing projects across the UK. Chloe is particularly interested in creative and innovative approaches that inspire and empower individuals to take practical steps to care for the world we all live in.

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Melissa Harvey

Community Engagement Assistant, Mid Devon

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Kirstie Clarke

Real Nappy Project, Gloucestershire

Kirstie has built strong relationships with key health professionals across the county and has been instrumental in getting the work of the project into hospitals and ante-natal groups. Recently she has worked closely with midwives in the Stroud District to distribute a free reusable nappy to each new baby as part of a wider scheme to support service change around reduced landfill capacity in the district.

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Elena Suckling

Community RePaint Network Officer

Elena’s experience, gained by working with numerous diverse groups in the UK, India and Uganda has helped provide her with skills to engage and communicate with a variety of different people and networks. From co-ordinating an environmental society at the University of West England, Elena gained experience in communicating to a range of organisations which continued when working internationally. 

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Helen Webster

Finance and Facilities Manager

Helen’s natural flair for maths has led to her to a long career in financial administration.  After working for a women’s building company, she then completed several IT courses including the accounts package SAGE. She worked for WECODP (West of England Coalition of Disabled People) and WECIL (West of England Centre for Integrated Living) gaining valuable office experience in financial administration.  She went on to become Finance Manager at Bristol Children’s Scrapstore and then joined Network Recycling, one of the founding companies of Resource Futures, in September 2004 as their Finance Manager.  

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Isobel McFarlane

Project and Operations Assistant

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Alex Dean

Business Administrator

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Our projects

Reducing disposable nappy use in Gloucestershire

The client:

In order to reduce the quantity of disposable nappies being landfilled or incinerated, Resource Futures has been contracted by Gloucestershire County Council to run their real nappy project and incentive scheme for the last ten years. With two outreach workers, we promote the cost savings as well...

Horsham District Council door stepping recruitment and training

The client:

Horsham District Council (HDC) decided to undertake a short door stepping campaign with waste advisors to increase recycling and participation rates. HDC appointed Resource Futures to deliver the recruitment and training of the waste advisors. The project resulted in a 45% increase in recycling...