Founded in 2006, Resource Futures is an employee-owned, independent environmental consultancy with a 30-year heritage in the waste and resources industry.

Our vision is to create a sustainable world.

Our approach helps to ensure we have a positive impact on the way resources are used on the planet:

  • Maximise impact and create value – Resource Futures is a certified B Corp, which means that we’re committed to using business as a force for good. In other words, we are trying to do business in a way that not only brings about economic success, but also addresses our most challenging environmental problems and creates value for society. Read more about our impact.
  • Collaborate and innovate – We work together with clients from business to government to communities, to create the world we want to see; a world whose precious resources are valued, cared for, used wisely and to their full potential and lifespan.
  • Work ethically and independently – We’re employee-owned and non-profit-distributing, which means that we always look to do the right thing by our staff and clients. Our mission is locked in place and any surplus is always put back in to supporting it.
  • Invest in our staff – People are at the heart of what we do, so we invest money, time and energy in our staff to help them develop and thrive. We want all of our people to be proud of the work that they do.
  • Produce trusted quality outputs – Our work encompasses a broad spectrum of services from research and support for policy making, to helping businesses adopt circular economy principles and influencing widespread behaviour change, both in the UK and internationally. Quality is critical as our work needs to provide trusted evidence and insight to inform and support key decisions.

Please get in touch to talk to us about the support you need in the UK or globally. The below gives a flavour of the spread of work we have done across evidence gathering, waste service optimisation, circular economy and behaviour change over the financial year 2019-20.

Our partnerships

We believe that lasting impact comes from working together and we build long-term collaborations with partners who share our vision. If you’re interested in collaborating with Resource Futures, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us.

Our memberships

Wherever possible we take an active role in networks around the UK and especially in areas around our local offices. Many of our consultancy team are members of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management and other professional sector related bodies.

Some of our active memberships include: