Marine litter – the plastics paradox?

David Lerpiniere, Principal Consultant

10 August 2017
Polyethylene terephthalate, or ‘PET’, is a recycling success story. It’s one of the most widely recycled plastics. It is easy to identify and therefore separate from post-consumer waste streams. 99% of UK local authorities now collect plastic bottles as part of their recycling collections, up from 80% in 2008. And it is a good example of closed-loop recycling, with an estimated third of plastic bottles collected in the UK recycled into new bottles[ii].

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The circular economy – project mainstream?

Bernie Thomas, Principal Consultant

8 June 2017
If I had a pound for every circular economy vision piece and strategy report that I’ve read in the past five years, then……well, I’d be a rich man. Perhaps it is me or does it sometimes feel like the subject itself is circular? Recirculation of the same mantra, the definitions, the diagrams and case examples within blue-chip companies and the captains of industry. Does the circular economy warrant all this attention? Just why is it so highly prized? Well, where to start…

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20 years on… still a win-win

Emma Burlow, Head of Resource Efficiency

6 April 2017
When I started work on the Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme, or ETBPP in 1997, the clumsiness of the title said it all. The focus was heavily on compliance (at that time with the newly launched Packaging Regulations) and waste minimisation. There was little scope for supporting innovation. Eco-design was the vanguard of the brave and whilst these products hinted at an alternative future, they were exactly that, alternative and marginal.

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Are you data efficient?

Will French, Senior Consultant

7 March 2017
Will French, Senior Consultant at Resource Futures, says at a time of local authority budget constraints, work has become increasingly focussed on waste collection efficiency.

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Resource revolution needs a change in habits

Bethan Jones, Head of Engagement and Communications

26 January 2017
Bethan Thomas, Head of Engagement and Communications at Resource Futures, says that if we want to evolve towards a circular economy, then we are all going to need to change our habits.

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