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Fixy Impact Report 2022-23

Ian Allison, Marketing and Communications Lead

19 April 2023

A blueprint for anyone with an interest in developing repair and reuse initiatives, and in finding routes to engaging new audiences.

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Tackling Marine Litter – Fishing and Aquaculture Gear

Ian Allison, Marketing and Communications Lead

9 December 2021

A three-step approach to help for governments and industry tackle marine litter from fishing and aquaculture.

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Enabling Circular Business Models: Free Guide

Carolyn Johnson, Marketing and Communications Manager

31 March 2021

This guide will walk you through five steps to help you embrace the circular economy in your business by enabling a circular business model.

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Waste prevention guides for construction projects

Jenny Robinson, Senior Consultant

16 June 2020

Resource Futures produced two guides for Zero Waste Scotland and their Resource Efficient Scotland Programme. They were designed to improve waste prevention on construction projects in Scotland, focusing on maximising re-use and promoting best practice.

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Marine plastic pollution in Scotland

George Cole, Director

12 February 2020

Research on the plastic value chain in Scotland to better understand this landscape and the potential for intervention to address marine plastic pollution.

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24 January 2020

Using up to date composition data of mixed residual commercial and industrial waste in Wales to estimate the proportion of the residual waste produced in Wales which could be avoided through recycling or composting.

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Quantifying the composition of municipal waste: WRAP report

Peter Wills, Evidence Lead / Principal Consultant

23 January 2020

WRAP, on behalf of DEFRA, commissioned Resource Futures to conduct research into the composition of residual waste from two waste streams: non-household waste collected by local authorities and non-household waste collected by private companies.

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6 January 2020

The Recycling Quality Information Point (ReQIP) project brought together information from a wide range of reprocessors about their quality requirements for the recyclates they received, and highlighted what they classed as ‘prohibited materials’ which could affect the integrity of their raw material.

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20 December 2019

A scoping report from WRAP sharing existing evidence on the extent of microfibre shedding from UK clothing over the life cycle.

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5 November 2019

Resource Futures led the primary data gathering fieldwork for WRAP’s 2019 Retail Survey. We surveyed a range of own-brand and branded food products to identify and record data which influence the amount of avoidable food waste in the home.

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Economic assessment of a potential ban on expanded polystyrene

Carla Worth Del Pino. Senior Consultant

1 October 2019

Resource Futures was commissioned by Defra to undertake a preliminary assessment of the impacts of a ban on expanded polystyrene.

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1 July 2019

This briefing paper for Tearfund was co-authored by Resource Futures. Through case studies from Africa and Asia it demonstrates how we can effectively respond to challenges of waste management and scale up approaches that are already delivering results.

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6 February 2019

Information on currently available guidance on Household Waste Recycling Centres.

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5 February 2019

A report for Defra to assess the economic, environmental and social impacts of a potential ban on plastic balloon sticks, plastic plates and plastic cutlery.

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19 December 2018

When planning your event, we can help you understand and manage resources, measure and monitor your waste and find the best ways to communicate with your customers. Our experience in sustainable events includes everything from helping our network of 70 groups in Oxfordshire with sustainability focused events, to training for groups as part of Bristol …

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10 September 2018

On behalf of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Resource Futures conducted a detailed review of global recycled plastics markets. This included evaluating trends, challenges, key issues and policy interventions.

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9 September 2018

In response to increasing public and waste sector attention around issues relating to waste plastics, Resource Futures was commissioned by the Resourcing the Future partnership to develop a framework to assist products manufacturers, the waste management sector and policy-makers with making decisions around waste plastics.

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8 September 2018

A new report by Resource Futures for WRAP Cymru and the Welsh government sets out a road map for a transformative shift in the way Wales deals with waste, through increasing re-use, and what this could mean for the environment and economy.

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7 September 2018

The Resource Community Impacts Tool (ResourceCIT) is our easy-to-use online tool which permits community groups and funders who enable sustainable development activities an estimate of the effects they are having on reducing waste, carbon, energy use and in making cost savings for individuals and the community.

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6 September 2018

Since 2015, Resource Futures has undertaken the role of directly supporting edoc’s users and managing the process of regular updates to the system on behalf of the four UK devolved administrations. We work closely with the edoc Management Board and its Technical Advisory Group, as well as supervising edoc’s specialist IT contractor.

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7 October 2017

We were involved in producing this report from the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Marine Litter Taskforce on how the global waste and resource management sector can better tackle marine litter.

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15 May 2015

As part of Bristol European Green Capital 2015, Resource Futures along with Kambe Events and Bristol City Council developed a city-wide sustainable event strategy to support organisers in managing their festivals and events with reduced environmental impact. This included three Green Event Guides: for indoor, outdoor and small events.

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