Abigail specialises in providing technical support for decision-makers, communicating complex data in a clear and comprehensive manner. Her interests include sustainable practice and waste prevention and she has a wealth of experience in data analysis, modelling and quantitative report writing for a range of public and private contracts. Since joining Resource Futures in 2018, Abigail has expanded her scope into the waste sector, primarily through supporting the delivery of waste and recycling collection reviews for local authorities. She is also involved in large-scale data analysis and waste flow modelling, business support and stakeholder engagement, evidence-based research and market analysis.


Abigail has over five years’ experience in a scientific consultancy role and was previously based in the meteorological field. She has undertaken several investigations into consumer buying behaviours, using regression analysis to develop future sales forecasts and proposals for prospective clients. Working closely with the retail industry, she has designed and produced bespoke products and datasets for a number of major supermarkets and has also led several bids for winter service provision within the public sector. Abigail has recently been using the Kerbside Assessment Tool (KAT), to identify economic and environmental improvements to local authorities’ waste and recycling collection services.

Abigail Mason

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