Agnes is the workstream lead for Evidence. She has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering primary data collection projects and is the technical lead for the Evidence work stream for the Company, responsible for research methods, strategic direction and innovation in this area. She combines her practical approach to fieldwork with thorough understanding of the material flows to deliver bespoke data collection projects for clients across the waste and recycling supply chain.


Agnes has 9 years’ experience in delivering and designing primary data gathering, behaviour change projects and campaign evaluation and has managed multiple canvassing and public engagement projects, often supporting service change. She has a sound knowledge of project design, as well as research and evaluation methodologies. Her interests include food waste, operations and behaviour change, as well as monitoring and evaluation methodologies. She has also delivered canvassing, roadshows and community engagement projects and has managed projects for a range of local authorities, WRAP and waste management companies. Agnes is an experienced contract manager capable of managing projects involving working with multiple authorities and stakeholders, as well as complex data sets and sources of information. She demonstrates attention to detail, the ability to synthesise information from varied sources, operational experience and excellent communication skills. Her expertise includes:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research design
  • Primary data gathering: waste analysis, participation monitoring, attitudinal surveys, tonnage monitoring
  • Data management and analysis
  • Behaviour change: canvassing, roadshows, community engagement
  • Service change support