Amelia Allerton

CAG Somerset Project Officer


Amelia joined Resource Futures in 2023 with a desire to support local community groups in their work to improve sustainability, resilience and resource use in their local areas.

Amelia has a BSc (Hons) in Business Management from RAU and a MSc in Marine Environmental Management from the University of York, giving her a mixture of both business and sustainability knowledge. She has also volunteered with several marine conservation charities. Her initial focus was on research and data analysis within Marine Protected Areas, but the role soon expanded to include community events, outreach, and running citizen science projects. Amelia was inspired by working directly with communities and their passion to achieve a more sustainable future and improve their local areas.

Amelia has also ran her own successful small business for two years so is well versed in the admin, financial, health and safety, marketing, and insurance tasks that come alongside running projects.


With a multi-disciplinary background, Amelia assists with running the Community Action Group (CAG) Somerset project and the Fixy project. She offers day-to-day support for CAG members to empower them to improve sustainability and resource use in their communities. Amelia also runs the project’s communications and social channels, helps with event planning, and assists with the operational and administrative tasks required for both projects to run smoothly.

Skills include:

  • Community engagement
  • Project coordination
  • Communications


Amelia Allerton

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