Archana has a background in environmental and waste management through her work with local authorities and the private sector in India and UK prior to joining Resource Futures in 2018. Her experience in India spans green building services and recycling businesses. This includes the delivery of environmental analyses and reporting for high-rise buildings and Green Building certification schemes and operational and business experience of WEEE, plastic and paper recycling systems. Archana’s UK experience includes hands on work with local authorities on waste operations and awareness programmes through her most recent role with Bournemouth Borough Council and previous work on environmental management systems.


Archana has undertaken new process development and process improvement in her previous roles, including co-development and implementation of a training programme for Green Building professionals. Her interests include city-level sustainability initiatives and reuse systems. Her research work on a conceptual reuse network for WEEE in England was presented and published in the proceedings of an international conference. During her time with Bournemouth council, she has also made meaningful contributions through climate change reporting and local energy projects. At Resource Futures, Archana has undertaken analyses of waste flows, legislation and policy research and plastics market research among others. Her expertise includes:

  • Green Building
  • Analysis of waste flows
  • Business recycling systems
  • Environmental management systems