Coralline specialises in data collection and analysis and behaviour change research, as well as community engagement and service change support. Her particular areas of interest are textiles (both clothing and non-clothing), food waste, waste composition analysis, waste auditing and environmental management. She is involved in research, waste composition analysis and communications campaigns involving the deployment of on-the-ground teams to improve recycling performance and participation. Coralline recently completed an MSc in Integrated Environmental Management supported by DEFRA and CIWM with her final thesis entitled “The impact of wider household waste service provision on food waste arisings, composition and recycling barriers in the West of England”.


Coralline has worked within the waste management industry for the last seven years, gaining a wide range of experience of desk-based studies, fieldwork and data analysis. She has industry knowledge, combined with technical and problem-solving skills. Coralline has experience of carrying out complex data analysis and statistical waste sampling. She also has a strong operational background, ample fieldwork experience and is also involved in behavioural change projects and environmental management. Coralline also has experience of the challenges faced by both local authorities and waste management companies in planning and implementing new waste strategies. Coralline speaks French and Spanish, is a Chartered Waste Manager through the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) and is a Practitioner member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Coralline has also carried out research for Defra on the market potential and demand for textile reuse and for WRAP examining the collection options for non-clothing textiles. Her expertise includes:

  • Desk-based and field research
  • Canvassing, participation monitoring and surveying
  • Waste composition analysis and waste audits
  • Community engagement and service change support
  • ISO 14001 and environmental management