James Dunn

Junior Consultant

James Dunn


James joined Resource Future’s Evidence team as a Project Assistant in January of 2022. Now a Junior Consultant, he supports the delivery of waste composition analysis projects at multiple stages, including representative sampling, data analysis, and reporting.

Prior to joining Resource Futures, James graduated from The University of the West of England with an MSc in Environmental Consultancy and a BSc in Environmental Science. During his studies he focused on areas of waste management, circular economy, and air quality management.


James has experience with projects involving mass data collection and analysis, data modelling, and national policy critiquing – including an in-depth analysis of the UK’s national and international obligations to air quality monitoring and reporting.

He has also undertaken independent research into public engagement with recycling schemes in Bristol, as well as the how the utilization of “Big Data” within the private utility sectors can help to improve their sustainability practices and increase the efficiency of their operational procedures.

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Desk-based research
  • Writing and reviewing reports and other support documents
  • Representative and randomised sampling
  • Primary data collection
  • GIS modelling


James Dunn

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Waste Composition Analysis

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