Kate joined Resource Futures as a consultant in 2018. She has experience working across the public, private and third sectors on projects related to waste reduction, recycling, circular economy, sustainable food, including business, community and staff engagement. Prior to joining Resource Futures, Kate worked at Vegware Ltd, supporting a range of clients across the UK to improve overall food service sustainability through the implementation, collection and processing of bio-based packaging materials. As part of Resource Futures’ Circular Economy team in Scotland, Kate is part of the core delivery team working on circular economy business support on behalf of Zero Waste Scotland. Within the Scotland team, Kate works with a range of businesses, contributing market research and facilitating innovation workshops.


From an academic background in Environmental Communication, Kate has used her communication skills to encourage behaviour change and improved resource management. As part of Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Business Support, Kate has supported a number of entrepreneurial start-ups focused on reusable products and plastic alternatives. Kate’s work in resource management and the circular economy has specifically focused on the role of plastics within this system. Her work focuses on the negative impacts of single-use plastics in consumer products and working with businesses and waste management contractors to trial alternative systems and materials. She conducted research on behalf of The Scottish Government to investigate opportunities to stem the plastic tide in Scotland, working with the plastic supply chain to identify economic incentives to minimise leakage of plastics into the marine environment. Kate brought together a range of stakeholders across the private, public and third sector, as well as undertaking desk-based research. In addition, Kate has worked on project delivery for the private sector to help prevent and significantly reduce marine litter.

Her expertise includes

  • Waste management and reduction
  • Partnership working
  • Business engagement
  • Circular economy
  • Specialisms in marine litter, plastics and bioplastics