Leah Nudds

CAG Devon Project Officer


Leah is part of the Community Impact team working as the Project Officer for CAG Devon. With a strong academic foundation in BSc Environmental and MSc Management Sustainable Development, Leah combines her passion for sustainability with practical experience in communications and project support. Leah supports community groups in their sustainability projects. She assists in project coordination, event planning, risk assessment, resource dissemination and communications.

Leah has a drive to create positive change in the community through connecting people to each other and the natural environment. She strongly believes that reconnecting people with nature and the sources of their food and materials can bring about real change in communities, empowering them to create a sustainable future.


Leah’s academic background has equipped her with practical experience from both academic projects and work-based learning opportunities. She has actively engaged in real-world scenarios, including collaborating on climate change communication and research, independent research on sustainable food consumption, exploring the influence of nature and built environments on human behaviour, and project management planning for sustainability.

Prior to this role, Leah served as a research assistant for the JPI Solstice-funded CCC-CATAPULT project, where she demonstrated her project management skills, and knowledge of climate change communication, engaging young people.

Skills include:

  • Sustainable development
  • Communication campaign development
  • Desk-based research
  • Database administration
  • Website management
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Leah Nudds

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Community Impact


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