Olivia started her career in the commercial sector working with sustainable and ethical supply chains, and in 2020 she joined Resources Futures’ Evidence team to use her knowledge in supporting a wide variety of clients to meet their waste, recycling and circularity targets. Olivia enjoys problem solving, working on multi-stakeholder projects and being part of the innovation that the green sector is driving. She is passionate about sustainability, choosing to study Chemical Engineering so she could contribute in that field. Her Master’s degree has provided her with broad technical knowledge which she has applied in various areas; her specialisms include biofuel, membrane carbon capture, and fermentation.


Olivia has a strong academic background; her detail-orientated nature provides her with the rigor to undertake effective and representative data gathering and analysis, always focussed on relevant findings. Her strong ability to tailor her messaging to her audience means that she can share complex information in a useful and engaging way.

She has previously developed and project managed proof of concept research to understand if organic waste could be fermented to create desired chemicals, as well as working to begin a supply relationship of organic, fair-for- life, ethanol produced from a ‘zero waste’ sugar cane process. This work involved engagement with manufacturers, retailers, auditors and government bodies and she is well versed in working with a variety of different stakeholders, bringing new ideas to fruition but always grounding these in data.

Olivia’s work involves

  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Public engagement and communications
  • Technical/scientific research
  • Problem solving

Problem solving