Stuart Woodham is a Consultant at Resource Futures and has over 17 years’ environmental management and research experience across a wide range of economic sectors, working with and for private organisations (from small to large), plus NGOs and government. He is an experienced project –manager and, alongside his research work, currently leads a long-term contract providing user support and the change management process for the UK’s electronic duty of care (edoc) system.


Stuart’s training in environmental science and environmental economics has proved to be valuable to clients across a broad range of topics. He is adept at rapidly gathering information across a variety of data source types for analysis, including on-site audit work utilising the people skills that this kind of work typically requires. His expertise includes:

  • Resource efficiency / Resource efficiency audits
  • Carbon foot-printing
  • Commercial waste composition and modelling
  • Reuse
  • Food waste optimisation relating to the food waste hierarchy
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Generation of statistical facts to support recycling communications campaigns
  • Electronic duty of care (edoc)
  • Environmental regulation