Susan Gow

Senior Consultant


Susan specialises in primary data gathering studies and behavioural change projects. Her particular areas of interest are waste and recycling composition analysis; analysis of broad changes in municipal waste services, public engagement in recycling services, and developments in reuse opportunities. She supports the delivery of projects designed to gather representative data on the composition of a range of waste streams. She demonstrates great attention to detail, the ability to gather and synthesise a broad range of qualitative and quantitative data and excellent communication skills.


Susan has 4 years’ experience in the environmental sector which has included encouraging broad behaviour change around household waste and recycling. Since joining Resource Futures in 2016, Susan has supported research projects for various local authorities, waste management companies and WRAP. She is primarily involved in waste composition analysis and communications campaigns involving the deployment of on-the-ground teams to improve recycling performance and participation. She has also worked on reviews of HWRC service provision, including spatial analysis and mapping, bespoke support for users of various online data-tools and database handling and manipulation. Her expertise includes:

  • Data analysis of large national data sets
  • Primary data gathering: waste analysis, participation / contamination monitoring.
  • HWRC service data review
  • Market analysis and business support