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Resource Futures manages the Community RePaint network which is a UK wide network of paint reuse schemes that collect reusable, leftover paint. They divert it from the waste stream and redistribute it to individuals, families and communities in social need at an affordable price. We develop new schemes, support existing ones, negotiate contracts and paint collection arrangements with local councils and companies, arrange for new distribution markets and promote paint reuse in the UK. Dulux has been involved with sponsorship of the network since 1993 and been its exclusive sponsor since 2008. As sponsor, Dulux sees this project as part of their product stewardship commitment.


The main purpose of Community RePaint is to provide communities with the opportunity to brighten their spaces and their lives. It achieves environmental benefits through diverting paint from landfill, as well as providing social and economic benefits for stakeholders and consumers. The focus of the network is on continual growth to tackle the estimated 50 million litres of paint which remain unused and wasted annually.


Our network team offer expert advice and practical support to existing schemes, as well as to local authorities and organisations across the UK wanting to set up a paint reuse scheme. By brokering national deals with paint manufacturers, DIY retailers and by developing partnerships with national organisations, the network reduces the cost of waste paint disposal and enables a valuable resource to be reused. The network also responds to proposed legislation, carries out marketing and communications, and submits funding bids and campaigns on behalf of the schemes.

To further support the network in targeting the huge amounts of reusable paint going to waste, Community RePaint has worked with Dulux and Newlife Paints Ltd to develop the UK’s first two paint re-manufacturing centres for social reuse. The process enables more leftover paint to be collected, re-manufactured and put into new containers with certain additions, to ensure its longevity and quality. This has now given Community RePaint its own paint brand – ReColour – which is being sold in charity shops, Community RePaint schemes and can be ordered by community organisations and schools. In 2019, 85,321 litres of ReColour paint was distributed in this way.


In 2019, the network received over 481,351 litres of leftover paint from householders, traders and paint manufacturers. Through the network, over 365,988 litres of paint were distributed which coloured the lives of over 337,883 people. The communities that have used paint from Community RePaint schemes include community centres, schools, householders and other buildings used by the public.

There are three main benefits from Community RePaint:

  • Social benefits, which provide opportunities for communities to brighten their spaces and their lives and creates employment, training and volunteer opportunities, building valuable skills and experience
  • Environmental benefits, which prevent a valuable resource from entering the waste stream and reduces the negative impact of waste disposal processes
  • Economic benefits, which capture the value remaining in the resource and provides cost savings to local authorities and businesses as well for consumers and provides income for community-based organisations

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