Improve Recycling Rates With Statistical Messaging

Resource Futures produced a series of statistics for use as behaviour change messages to encourage people, especially young adults, to recycle more. The work was completed to short timescales, ensuring that the client’s deadlines were met. This type of statistical messaging work has been carried out for WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign, WRAP Cymru’s Recycle for Wales campaign and a joint WRAP/TRiFOCAL campaign.


Each statistical based campaign sought to increase engagement with groups of residents or event-goers identified as inconsistent and unconfident recyclers, and serious contaminators. The statistics we provided formed the basis of a range of motivational messages which aimed to encourage them to recycle more of what they throw away. It was hoped that this would ultimately influence recycling behaviours at home and at events by demonstrating that they can make a real difference.


Resource Futures sourced robust data and calculated the statistics for required messages using a straightforward and transparent Excel calculation format. Using our expertise and experience, the Resource Futures project team was able to add value to the client’s campaign by suggesting a range of messaging options in response to initial ideas.

Statistics were calculated to form the basis of providing motivational messages linking the benefits of recycling to key areas of interest for the target audiences. For example, the #recycledbeats campaign equated recycling to the energy needed to produce music at festivals; the Run Refuel Recycle campaign equated the recycling of banana skins and plastic water bottles to the energy required to play a DJ set or charge a smartphone. These types of statistics increased the relevance and meaningfulness to the target audiences and helped reinforce how their individual contribution could make a tangible difference.


The resulting campaigns run for WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign, WRAP Cymru’s Recycle for Wales campaign and WRAP / TRiFOCAL’s campaign showed good success rates. Examples of messaging produced to date include:

  • Recycled beats campaign
  • Run recycle campaign
  • Summer castles campaign

The innovative nature of this approach has resulted in us undertaking additional statistical messaging work for new customers.

Recycled Beats Campaign

Run Recycle Campaign

Summer Castles Campaign

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