Waste Prevention Support: Construction Sector

Resource Futures delivers free one-to-one business advice and support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Scottish Construction Sector through the Resource Efficient Scotland programme – a programme under Zero Waste Scotland. This support helps businesses identify waste prevention opportunities.


The support service seeks to address the large amount of waste generated by the Scottish construction sector and is available for all types of construction projects. It can cover the initial stages of design through to on-site construction activity and aims to help businesses identify opportunities and implement practical advice, and to support them to secure grant funding or loan applications.


Support is provided through waste prevention opportunity identification visits to any small or medium sized business involved in the construction sector. These businesses can be: designers – including architects and engineers; contractors and subcontractors; manufacturers; installers; demolition contractors.

The programme consists of a range of lead generation activities including:

  • Sector engagement and awareness raising activity including social media promotions;
  • Working with Tier 1 Contractors to develop Supply Chain Partnerships in order to deliver support to their SME supply chain;
  • Securing speaking opportunities at industry events for our team of experts;
  • Running sector training events and webinars;
  • Production of sector opinion pieces for trade publications.


We have supported numerous construction-related businesses across Scotland to identify waste and raw material saving activities which if implemented will result in not only waste and carbon savings but also financial savings for the SMEs.

Delivered over two years already in Scotland, our delivery and communications work includes:

Project Information

Services involved

Private: Communications

Circular Economy

Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling

Team involved

Sarah Hargreaves
Behaviour Change Lead / Principal Consultant

Susan Gow
Senior Consultant