Circular Economy

Our consumption of finite material resources contributes around half of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Resources Futures works with organisations to cut consumption, prevent waste, and keep materials in use for longer.  Accelerating the shift away from a linear  ‘take, make, dispose’ model and towards a circular economy.

What is a circular economy?

The circular economy offers exciting opportunities for both business economics and sustainability.

With extensive knowledge of resources and waste, research capabilities, and commercial expertise, Resource Futures is has a successful track record of helping businesses de-mystify and reap the benefits of embedding circular principles.

A ‘whole systems’ approach to match your ambitions for growth

We work with you to identify, evaluate and help you implement circular business models, delivering best in class support through pioneering projects such as Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Business Support service.


What does a circular business look like?

Circular businesses come in many different shapes, sizes, levels of maturity and complexity. Our expertise is in helping you unlock the power of circular to reduce waste, cut pollution, and drive economic growth.

Adopting circular business models doesn’t only make sense for the future of our planet. It makes good business sense too, delivering:

  1. Generate new revenue – Research carried out by Accenture shows that the circular economy could generate an additional $4.5 trillion of economic output by 2030 through job creation and innovation.
  2. Drive competitive advantage – Offering more innovative products and services, and building revenues from service propositions.
  3. Improve business resiliency and reduce risk – by insulating your business from commodity price fluctuations and the availability of raw materials.
  4. Increase customer retention – with better prices for consumers and with leasing or subscription models, increasing the frequency of touchpoints over a product’s lifetime.
  5. Enhance employee and customer wellbeing – by demonstrating your organisation’s support for a more sustainable future.

A five-step guide to enabling circular business models

Want to learn more about the benefits of a circular economy? Download our five-step guide for businesses to see what opportunities are most relevant to your business and start to think about how you might begin the transition to a more circular business.


Download Our Circular Economy Guide For Business
Download Our Circular Economy Guide For Business


Why Resource Futures?

With 30-years’ experience and a team of over 40 specialists, Resource Futures has the expertise to help your business capitalise on the benefits of greater sustainability.

We work across the value chain to deliver trusted, quality outputs and insight to inform and support you key decisions. Minimising the impact of production and consumption through reduction, reuse and recycling.

What our clients say

We tasked Resource Futures with revising and writing a new waste strategy for Herefordshire Council.

They quickly understood our requirements, engaging a range of stakeholders to agree strategic principles, enabling us to set ambitious new strategic goals and transforming our service for the future.

It’s a strategy we’ve now successfully adopted, and we are delighted to be implementing.

Joni Hughes

Herefordshire Council

Resource Futures supported us from ideation through to finished product. The project required deep understanding of commercial and environmental datasets, environmental law and best practice.

The final product allows our customers to interrogate data, analyse and forecast results, and extract insights specific to their business needs. Delivering value and actionable insight for years to come.

Will Ghali


Resource Futures compiled insights into local reuse organisations and potential ways of working together to achieve more through reuse. Their report identified and highlighted factors experienced by existing groups which will help us shape initiatives that overcome barriers and explore opportunities.

It is an important piece of research that helps us improve reuse and repair across Somerset

Julie Searle

Somerset Waste Partnership

Working with Resource Futures has unlocked the power of The 2 Minute Foundation’s BEACH CLEAN app data.

We are now able to quantify findings and present powerful evidence to engage stakeholders. The individuals, groups and families taking part are contributing valuable information through citizen science that can be used for better decision making and direct efforts to keep our beaches free from litter.

Nicola Green

The 2 Minute Foundation

Resource Futures produced a thorough report, reflecting considerable stakeholder engagement, data collection and analysis.

The effort that has gone into this information gathering has been exceptional given the timing of this project over the pandemic.

The outputs are invaluable and will be used to inform actions which will make a real difference to our marine industries and environment.

Morag Campbell

Marine Scotland