Kirstie Clarke

Real Nappy Project, Gloucestershire


Kirstie is an outreach worker on the Real Nappy Project in Gloucestershire, delivering talks and drop in sessions to promote the use of real nappies to parents and parents-to-be across the south and east of the county. She has worked on the project since 2014 and oversees the distribution of Loan Kits to new parents also manages the Real Nappy Project’s social media channels. She is extremely passionate about helping as many parents as possible transition to Real Nappies.


Kirstie has built strong relationships with key health professionals across the county and has been instrumental in getting the work of the project into hospitals and ante-natal groups. In 2017 she helped run the Stroud & Proud real nappy giveaway working closely with midwives to distribute a free reusable nappy to each new baby. This was part of a wider scheme to support the Council’s service change which incorporated reduced landfill capacity.

Kirstie Clarke

Services involved in

Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling


Email Kirstie

07928 672828


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