Linda Hull

Fixy Project Co-ordinator


Linda is co-ordinating the Fixy Project which is designed to strengthen the network of repair cafes across the county and to divert smart tech from landfill, then refurbish it and redistribute to those in digital need.


For 25 years Linda has worked on the frontline raising public awareness of sustainable consumption. Starting off in sustainable tourism by developing networks of parish councils, small businesses, and conservation charities on the Somerset Levels and Moors, she then focussed on facilitating local food systems for 10 years, managing a series of partnership projects in both Somerset and Dorset working closely with community groups, farmers and landowners, campaigners and activists, local authority officers and elected members.

During the last five years, as Development Co-ordinator for a small retreat centre in Oxfordshire, Linda took a break from the campaigning frontline and deepened a passion for reuse and repair by becoming an active member and officer of Shed Oxford. Blessed with a van and this Community Repair Workshop, she led the mission to replace lots of worn fixtures and fittings with upgrades from Trash Nothing networks. As an avid freecycler, Linda collected all manner of furniture, beds, white goods, soft furnishings and garden equipment, at once refurbishing the accommodation on a shoestring and diverting huge amounts of useful ‘waste’ from landfill.

Linda Hull

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