Our impact on people and planet: 2022-23

11 August 2023

Today we launched our 2022-23 Impact Report – a celebration of the positive impact of our project delivery and business operations.

At Resource Futures, we talk about ‘impact’ in terms of the positive effect we can have on our key stakeholders: our people, our clients, and the planet. From supporting our people to grow and thrive; to supporting organisations locally, nationally, and globally to make the most of material resources, reduce waste, and minimise their impact on the planet.

‘Impact’ is one of our four strategic themes and encourages us to identify projects and business operations that have a positive effect in helping to create a sustainable world.

Read our 2022-23 Impact Report

Our impact report is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our values and provide a sense of who we are, what we do, and why we make a difference. It is for people and organisations to gage if they align with us and to spark an interest in connecting with us.

Our focus has always been the impact of our work on people and planet, and it gives me genuine pleasure to reflect on some of our highlights from 2022-23.

Sam Reeve, CEO at Resource Futures

Our 2022-23 impact highlights include:

  • Launching a national action plan at the Houses of Parliament to end plastic pollution.
  • Providing a national dataset to support increased recycling performance in Wales across its 3.1 million residents.
  • Establishing our Mental Health and Wellbeing Group – including access to our newly trained team of Mental Health First Aiders and Mental Health Responders.
  • Introducing our Volunteering Policy.
  • Increasing female representation at Board level to 57% and at Executive Director level to 50%.

Read our 2022-23 Impact Report

We produced our first impact report in 2020, as part of our commitment to being a B Corp. This year, we updated the structure of our report to better enable us to talk about our impact in relation to the five key B Corp categories: Governance, Environment, Customers (Clients), Community and Employees (People).

The B Corp Movement challenges the idea of businesses being perfect and encourages B Corps to set a new standard of transparency and educate their stakeholders on opportunities for improvement. As well as our successes, our impact report also shares our priority focus areas for 2023-24.

Impact reports are a vital tool in helping B Corps articulate their journey of positive impact authentically, and with evidence-based reasoning using the B Impact assessment. In early 2023, we went through the assessment process for a third time. Although we were awaiting the results at the time of the report launch, our current B Corp Score of 117.6 and its breakdown are available to view on the B Corp website.

Read our 2022-23 Impact Report