Gwen Frost


Gwen Frost


Gwen has joined Resource Futures to head up the Behaviour Change, Waste Strategy and Evidence teams. Gwen has a wealth of experience delivering behaviour change campaigns, developing strategic plans for local authorities, operational changes and support, as well as developing and delivering collaborative projects.

Gwen has also regularly worked with media, presenting at national conferences and is a founding member of the One City Environmental Sustainability Board in Bristol, striving to deliver a carbon neutral and climate resilient city.


Gwen has worked both in local authority and consultancy settings, with over 15 years’ experience in the waste industry. Gwen is a leader who has delivered multi award winning projects, worked with global technology partners and delivered successful innovation programmes with maximum impact.


  • Waste and recycling systems
  • Designing resident behaviour change innovations
  • Consumer marketing and communications
  • Strategic planning for service delivery


  • Delivery of waste and recycling service changes.
  • Introduction of streamlined methodologies and new service introductions.
  • Delivery of service level improvements
  • Undertaking collection round modelling and re-routing
  • Resident education development and delivery

Gwen Frost

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Behaviour Change

Waste Composition Analysis

Waste Strategy


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