Peter Wills

Evidence Lead / Principal Consultant


Peter specialises in the design and delivery of quantitative evidence gathering contracts, particularly those looking at kerbside collected domestic waste streams. He is also experienced in conducing detailed network reviews into the performance and management of Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) and Peter has a thorough knowledge of the wide range of complexities faced by authorities in managing their recycling centres. Other experience includes the implementation of canvassing, engagement and behavioural change contracts for local authorities; often in support of service changes.


With twelve years’ experience of working in the waste and recycling sector, his attention to detail and methodical and personable approach to managing contracts helps clients to effectively meet their data needs. Peter is an experienced contract manager having completed the delivery of over 50 composition analysis studies for local authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He has experience in managing stakeholders as part of large, regional and national level studies. Public sector clients include treatment facilities, reprocessors and supermarkets. He has worked conducting financial and performance modelling reviews alongside spatial assessment modelling to develop improvement measures according to best practice guidance. Recent contracts include assessing the recycling centre provision offered by four authorities in Wales and developing improvements as part of WRAP’s Collaborative Change Programme.

His expertise includes:

  • Primary data and evidence gathering: waste analysis
  • MBT input material analysis and flows
  • HWRC network reviews
  • HWRC site assessments, spatial assessment modelling, site rationalisation options modelling
  • Behavioural change, canvassing and attitudinal surveys
  • Participation monitoring

Peter Wills

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