Resource Futures and NLWA team up to deliver stakeholder engagement aimed at reducing waste

5 October 2022

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has commissioned Resource Futures to deliver a series of engagement sessions designed to introduce local community stakeholders to NLWA and identify opportunities to collaborate around the aims of the North London Waste Prevention Plan.

The Waste Prevention Plan is designed to encourage a reduction in residual waste and to support constituent borough activities and services in north London. It covers the period 2022 to 2025 and is currently in the final stages of development.

Resource Futures will design, deliver and report on a series of engagement sessions, and develop a framework for NLWA to maintain effective stakeholder engagement

The engagement sessions will be an opportunity for stakeholders and NLWA to get to know each other and explore potential working relationships, needs, challenges, and interests, on both sides. This will help inform priorities and involve stakeholders in the Waste Prevention Plan more effectively.

The objective of the Waste Prevention Plan is to reduce local authority collected waste in north London, promote resource efficiency and the circular economy, minimise climate impacts, and improve the local environment through a comprehensive and sustainable programme of communications and community engagement activities.

The North London Community Fund is available to support organisations that wish to tackle waste in line with the Waste Prevention Plan, and NLWA is also keen to explore other opportunities to collaborate to achieve the objectives of the Waste Prevention Plan.

“We are excited to work alongside NLWA on this project which will lay the foundations for successful stakeholder engagement with individuals, community groups and businesses across the North London area for years to come. The Waste Prevention Plan is an ambitious plan with a wide remit, and we are glad to support NLWA in initiating stakeholder ownership of the objectives.”

Sarah Hargreaves, Behaviour Change Workstream Lead at Resource Futures

Resource Futures has previously worked with NLWA to conduct waste composition analyses in the area. We have also assessed waste and recycling services in flats in Camden and Islington, as well as monitoring and evaluating interventions designed to reinvigorate recycling in these areas.