Resource Futures maintains close links with government and industry and are often asked to help our clients affect policy development.

Offering independent advice and services, including evidence base development, policy impact analysis, support responding to public consultations, and quantitative modelling of environmental, economic and social impacts.

2021 saw Resource Futures achieve a four-fold increase in the work we deliver on UK Policy topics and in collaboration with key customers we delivered cutting edge projects that have positive impacts for the environment across five key areas:

  • Digital deposit return schemes
  • Packaging
  • Digital innovation for joined-up decision making
  • Fishing and aquaculture waste gear
  • Textiles

Focus on: Fishing and aquaculture waste gear

Our work on the impacts of marine litter from fishing and aquaculture gear is just one example of our policy work, establishing Resource Futures as the leading UK consultancy specialising in
this area.

Culminating in a major study for departments of all four UK governments (Defra, DAERA, Welsh Government and Marine Scotland) we took a holistic, circular economy approach
to assessing the problem and potential policy solutions. Six reports were published by Defra alongside Resource Futures guide for other nations.


Why Resource Futures?

With 30-years’ experience and a team of over 40 specialists, Resource Futures has the expertise to help your business capitalise on the benefits of greater sustainability.

We work across the value chain to deliver trusted, quality outputs and insight to inform and support you key decisions. Minimising the impact of production and consumption through reduction, reuse and recycling.