Katie Reid




Katie joined Resource Futures as a Junior Consultant in 2022 and works across the Circular Economy, Behaviour Change and Community Impact workstreams. She is passionate about socio-environmental change and how this can be driven by the transition to a circular society.

Prior to joining Resource Futures, Katie graduated Cum Laude from the Sustainable Development MSc programme at Utrecht University, where she developed strong desk research, critical thinking, and analytical skills. In her thesis, Katie researched the circular economy policies and discourses present in various European cities. She developed an analytical framework to identify how cities have conceptualised the circular economy and what different policy options are available at the city level.

Katie also has experience working with the public, private and third sectors on projects related to the circular economy, waste reduction and recycling, and community engagement. She has recently led a small consultancy project to recommend how a private catering company could reduce their plastic packaging waste at a university campus. Her role specifically involved exploring the opportunities and challenges in rolling out a disposable cup charge through conducting a detailed literature review and an online behavioural experiment and survey.


Katie’s academic background in sustainable development brings an awareness of systems thinking and methodological rigour to her work. Her expertise lies in developing systematic methods for comparing complex data, conducting desk-based research such as landscape reviews, and writing and reviewing reports and supporting documents. Furthermore, Katie has valuable experience using research methods, such as interviews, focus groups and surveys, and carrying out data analyses using Excel and NVivo software.

Her expertise include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Desk based research
  • Writing and reviewing reports and other support documents
  • Policy analysis
  • Circular Economy
  • Community and stakeholder engagement

Katie Reid

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Behaviour Change

Circular Economy

Community Impact


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