George Cole




George’s responsibilities include Director oversight of our work in Policy and Circular Economy, both in the UK and Globally. He has extensive experience in the field of resources and waste policy working for clients that include governments of all four UK nations, WRAP, ZWS, the European Commission, the UN Environment Programme, the World Bank, international governments, NGOs and private sector companies.

His work draws together the latest policy areas, digital innovation and sophisticated data-led decision making.


George is an expert in policy development, economic impact assessment and digital innovation. His work often focusses on quantitative data analysis and modelling to inform national decision making and policy recommendations.

He has worked with stakeholders from all levels of materials and products manufacturing as well as the cutting edge of waste management policy and practice. He also advises on the latest digital innovation in the sector and has designed interactive data dashboards for a wide range of clients.

George’s expertise includes:

  • Circular economy
  • Mismanaged plastic waste and marine litter
  • Extended producer responsibility (EPR)
  • Digital deposit return schemes (digital DRS)
  • Digital innovation
  • Carbon emissions
  • Single-use plastics

Key projects

Four reviews for UK and devolved Governments investigating potential bans on single-use plastic products commonly found on beaches. Alternative products, waste management and littering impacts were identified. Initial stakeholder engagement identified existing trends away from single-use plastics and market readiness for large scale change.

An economic, environmental and social impact assessment for digital deposit return scheme (DRS) in the UK, and further research into the design, feasibility and timescales for implementation.

Two large research projects for the Scottish Government and the Norwegian Development Agency, investigating how to engage the private sector and the role it can play in tackling marine litter.

Major studies focusing on different aspects of the management and impacts of marine debris for the European Commission, the UN Environment Programme and the World Bank.

Reviews of international best practice and the latest innovation in resources and waste smart technology, data management and reporting for the World Bank and the Government of Australia.